Keeback - futuristic stylish digital backpack

High tech, multimedia backpack with your safety and practical city-living needs in mind

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Keeback - future is here, literally

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Keeback is bigger than just a backpack.

Keeback Features

Aesthetic design

The original concept and design of this backpack make it the product of the future. Be ready to stand out from the crowd. It's a part of your style and a personal brand.

Flexible RGB display

Backpack with an inbuilt display is the next generation of tech bags. Keeback has a customized flexible RGB display with 1044 pixels for animation, text, music spectrometer, etc.

Bass speaker

Keeback offers great advantages that can guarantee saturated sound with deep bass using super light and powerful 10W speakers inside the casing.

One of the most complex backpacks

Over 200 plastic, electronic, and fabric parts. After a couple of years of design development, we can say that  Keeback is truly one of the most advanced backpacks ever.


4X Panasonic NCR18650B provide 13600 mAh onboard your Keeback to power the display, listen to music or charge your devices. 

Easy ON/OFF and fast charging backpack

Switch your Keeback on easily on the go, just push a bottom rubber cap, if you want to change the animation or text saved in the Keeback system. You can also open the cap to choose what you like.


You can charge your devices inside the bag when walking or outside of Keeback in other cases.

Changeable shells and straps kit

You do not need to change backpack, just change the shell and straps of another color/Four colors will be available at the launch: White, Black, Grey, and Transparent.

8+ L capacity inside

You can put a lot of items inside your Keeback: documents, some cloth or even a 13-inch laptop.

Open-close latch mechanism

Open and close your backpack effortlessly. Keeback is equipped with durable anti-theft fasteners.


Keeback is a premium backpack featuring smart alert system to inform you if your Keeback is far away from your smartphone.

UV anti-scratch coating

The shell is covered with UV coating to prevent scratches. Even serious scratch marks from heavy impact can be removed by polishing.

Keeback in town

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